Throughout 2021 there were a variety of interior trends that made their rounds through both our offices and homes. As we enter 2022, new trends have already begun to spring up, setting the tone for our office spaces. In today’s article, we will be exploring some on-the-rise flooring trends for 2022.

The Environmental Choice 

One of the most favored trends in recent years is choosing the more environmentally friendly flooring. Business owners and facility managers want the best product, but they want peace of mind in knowing their choice of flooring isn’t harming the environment. Cork and bamboo flooring are two of the leading floor choices in this category.


Cork flooring is one of the most sustainable options on the market. When the wood is harvested from the cork tree, no harm is done to the tree, and it can be harvested again in a few years. Since cork flooring is entirely composed of natural resources, it can be recycled, minimizing a business’s carbon footprint.

In addition, this choice is one of the most employee-friendly options as the soft cork provides an excellent cushion.


It comes as no surprise this reliable medium has made its way into the flooring trends of 2022. Bamboo is already a prominent name in the eco-friendly world as it is one of the most sustainable materials. Unlike traditional hardwoods that take upwards of thirty years to grow, bamboo only needs five years. Moreover, bamboo flooring is more resistant to water than hardwood options.

The Natural Look 

Neutral shades and styles can work great in any space, regardless of size. They’re ideal for office settings as warm and soft tones can help cultivate a steadier environment, allowing for greater productivity. This can be established not only through paint colors but also through flooring selection. Different design choices can achieve a natural look, including wood grain, wider planks, and color choices.


One of the best ways to achieve a natural look in your office is through the choice of texture in flooring. For example, wood grain is a staple for natural looks. However, hardwood can be rather expensive, harsh on the environment, and easily damaged. Because of this, it is often a poor choice for a business to install. Rest assured, the wood grain style can be replicated in an assortment of flooring such as tile, vinyl, and laminate ensuring business owners they can have the best of both worlds in terms of style and function.


Just like texture, selection of color also plays a vital role in the natural look. Shades should be kept relatively simple and not overly complex to maintain a relaxed environment. Consider using colors such as walnut, white oak, or ash to reach the look you desire for your office space.

Patterned Styles

The last trend we will be going over is patterned styles. Three primary ones have been rising this year, including mixed color mediums, the chevron pattern, and the random plank pattern. All three of these designs can be incorporated into your office’s flooring to create a unique and creative space. Patterns work especially well with terrazo flooring, and you can even incorporate your company’s logo and branding into the floor design.

Mixed Color Mediums 

Instead of using one solid color throughout the building, this trend uses a blend of complementary shades to create a one-of-a-kind look. This style can be used for both cool and warm tones making the flooring more of a statement.


The chevron style is timeless. It immediately transforms the room into an elegant space through its design. The sophisticated design is not the only transformative factor as the pattern can give a sense of energy and movement to the room, providing a unique flow. This pattern is one of the more expensive choices out of three and should be considered for smaller spaces.

Random Plank Pattern

Similar to the mixed color style, the random plank pattern intends to break up the flooring by using a mix of different sized planks. Through this differentiation in size, the room is given more character. This style works wonderfully with the natural look.

These are just a few of the top flooring trends for 2022 that could make your space stand out from the rest. Need help choosing the best flooring for your Florida office space? Request a consultation with our business flooring experts at Cubix, Inc., we’ll be glad to help!