When it comes to the tourism industry, Florida is the place to be. Each year the Sunshine State sees upwards of one hundred and twenty million travelers, making tourism one of the most significant contributors to the Florida economy. Hotels, inns, and vacation rentals are abundant throughout the state. With various options for tourists to choose from, a key factor to a hotel’s success is customer retention. Finding a competitive edge to stand out to guests can be as simple as providing a clean and welcoming environment. Hotel owners can start cultivating this environment by maintaining one of their business’s most valuable assets: flooring.

Often hotel carpeting can go neglected, resulting in the accumulation of stains, fraying and other damages. This unprofessional look can be enough to determine the outcome of that valuable guest first impression resulting in the loss of future business. Just like any other commercial building, hotels see a decent amount of foot traffic. While the number of guests does vary from location to location, some hotels can have hundreds and even thousands of people walking through their lobbies each day. Due to frequency, simple vacuuming is not sufficient maintainance for carpeted floors in hotels.

Commercial carpets can last upwards of fifteen years when cleaned and maintained correctly. There are two primary choices for commercial carpet cleaning: hot water extractions and dry carpet cleaning. While both are marketed as safe deep cleaning for carpets, the results significantly differ.

Let’s look at the standard hot water extraction first. This service would be an ill-advised choice in the busy setting of a hotel for three primary reasons: dry time, lingering water, and carpet integrity. Even just one of these reasons on their own is enough to see why this method is a poor choice.

Dry Time

It can take hours for the carpet to fully dry even long after the services have been concluded. This would be considered an inconvenience for both guests and staff alike. The extractor machine is rather loud; therefore, overnight cleanings are not an option. After a long day of sightseeing, the last thing guests want to deal with is a wet floor or loud machinery while they try to unwind.

Lingering Water

There is no guarantee the extractor will be able to remove all the water used during the cleaning. This leaves flooring vulnerable to water damage and mold growth, posing a hazard to everyone in the building. In addition, this could result in the closure of countless rooms to determine the spread and damage from lingering water.

Carpet Fiber Integrity

Hot water cleaning can damage the fibers of hotel carpeting, drastically reducing its lifespan. If used as a routine method to treat commercial carpets, the threads can start to degrade because of the excess water. Instead of having beautiful flooring after cleaning, your guests will likely see damage.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is milliCare by Cubix, Inc. dry carpet cleaning. This approach handles cleaning efficiently and with care, making it ideal for vibrant hospitality locations such as hotels. As the name implies, there is no use of water during this process; instead, the biodegradable powder is applied to neutralize odors effectively. Moreover, the dry method is kinder to the environment as it reduces the use of water and electricity.

With this in mind, it is easy to see how effective and efficient the milliCare by Cubix, Inc. dry carpet cleaning method is. Stay above the competition by providing travelers with a healthy and clean environment they can enjoy time and time again. Contact us today to enquire about our dry carpet cleaning services and how they can best benefit your business.