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My name is Pete Alfieris, I am the facilities manager at the College of Engineering and Computer Science, here at UCF. We recently had two office suites recarpeted by your company and I had the pleasure to work with both Devon and Scott. I wanted to express my appreciation for the excellent service and work that was done in our office suite.

They showed up on time and worked until the job was completed with such professionalism. The installers were unbelievable with the care with any of the furniture and both installs. I have received such great praise from staff and faculty members whose offices were done.

Truly an incredible experience! Thank you again Scott & Devon!

Pete Alfieris Facilities Manager College of Engineering & Computer Science University of Central Florida - UCFPete Alfieris
Facilities Manager
University of Central Florida


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Ongoing Best Practices for Facilities Managers

Commercial flooring has to withstand a high amount of foot traffic, heavy objects being moved over it, and other mishaps each and every day. In order to have your flooring last for a long time and still look as good as day one, you need to know about preventative maintenance.

Understanding Preventative Maintenance

The idea is not complicated – you are aiming to make sure things are looked at before it gets too serious to fix. Taking a proactive preventative approach is definitely important when it comes to maintaining your commercial flooring. 

In fact, it is vital to put plans for preventative maintenance into action the moment your commercial floor is installed.

Routine Cleaning

Regularly cleaning can go a long way for your flooring’s longevity. Of course, different types of flooring do require different types of care.

Wood: Durable and aesthetically pleasing, wood can last for a long time when well taken care of. Be sure to clean it with a dust mop, followed by a neutral cleaner, ideally with natural oil in it, to give it that nice-looking sheen.

Carpet: Another popular choice for commercial flooring, carpet can be quite demanding in terms of preventative maintenance. Vacuuming is needed, and a daily vacuum is ideal. Deep cleaning should be done regularly to remove dirt and stains.

Tile: Tile is a common choice when it comes to cost-effectiveness. Proper tile cleaning will help you get rid of dirt and germs, particularly in the grout. Use the right cleaners to get a more thorough clean, while a degreaser is also good for a tile floor. Be sure to schedule a deep clean regularly to agitate both grease and soil.


Using doormats at the entrance is a simple preventative measure. Most of the dirt off people’s shoes will be caught by the doormat instead of being brought through onto your flooring. 

Move Furniture

Did you know that rearranging your furniture once in a while doesn’t just refresh the look of the place. It also helps to prevent significant pile crushing for your carpet? So feel free to move your furniture around perhaps every quarter or half a year. Also, remember to use carpet protectors on the legs of your furniture to help with weight distribution.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Try to avoid direct sunlight on your carpet. If that’s not possible, then at least try to reduce the hours that it’s exposed to direct sunlight. Blinds or awnings can help with controlling direct sunlight.

Avoid Moisture

Especially for hardwood flooring, water can cause significant damage leading to a need for replacement. Your flooring might be exposed to water from a leaking pipe or water brought in from a rainy day outside. Regardless, remember to dry the floor immediately and try to avoid exposure to water as much as possible.

Importance of Maintaining Commercial Floor

There are definitely benefits to maintaining a commercial flooring other than the longevity of the flooring. 

First Impressions

When people visit your business for the first time, you need to create the best first impression. Dirty or damaged flooring is not ideal. Poorly maintained flooring can reflect badly on your business, casting doubts about whether you’re putting in the effort to maintain your business.

Safety Concerns

Keeping your flooring in good condition will prevent mishaps or safety violations. You do not want staff or visitors to be in danger of tripping, slipping, or falling. Injuries may be the least of your concerns if legal action is required. 

Complicated Repairs

Rather than wait for things to get out of hand and require extensive restoration and repair work, focus on good maintenance and proper regular care. With the work and money that is required for a full replacement, it makes more sense to do the hard work now than risk an impact to your business. 


When it comes to commercial flooring, prevention is better than the cure. Leave the hassle to the professionals and focus on your business instead. A cleaner, healthier, and well-maintained flooring can only be beneficial for your business.