Most office buildings are equipped with numerous types of commercial flooring, all of which require different maintenance and cleaning techniques. Commercial office cleaning is a large-scale production as there’s typically far more surface to clean than your average private residence. Additionally, along with the constant weight of equipment and furniture, as well as the occasional spill, your floor endures foot traffic on a daily basis which inevitably tracks in dust, dirt and other allergens that disrupt your office’s workflow and appeal. Proper cleaning and maintenance will not only add years to your floor but can save you money in the long run— not to mention it can protect your company from potential liability. While every floor has its own requirements, you can address most floors with these specific care tips.

The key to any flooring maintenance plan is to take a proactive, holistic approach instead of a reactive, as-needed one. This means implementing a plan right after a flooring system is installed—not waiting until the flooring is damaged to schedule a restorative cleaning. Instituting a regular maintenance schedule will keep floors cleaner, sleeker and help ensure they last even longer. Regularly removing the fine dust and debris will help prevent grime from becoming embedded in your flooring. If you have hard surface flooring, you may also wish to go over it with a microfiber mop or damp cloth regularly to keep it looking its best and to help prevent stains. As for dirt and soil, that can be vacuumed and cleaned with a natural cleaner.

However, maintaining a deep-cleaning schedule is also important. Every few weeks to every few months, you’ll want to do a more in-depth cleaning to prevent stains and build-up.  A certified deep cleaning process like the one offered by milliCare by Cubix, Inc. is required on a regular basis to deep clean your carpets.  Tile floors need to be deep cleaned periodically to remove mineral deposits and mold using the manufacturer-recommended cleaners. When you need to get a deeper clean on most types of resilient flooring, a floor stripper will be needed to get really dug-in dirt and debris. This will likely remove the finish of the flooring, so after the stripper is removed, the floors will need a regular clean and then refinishing.

Regardless of how frequently and how intensely you clean, though, it’s imperative that you wipe up spills and tackle stains fast. Even if your flooring is meant to resist stains and moisture, giving water a chance to absorb is never a good idea. Blot and clean spills and spots immediately to prevent staining. By gently blotting the surface of the liquid as soon as it spills, a cloth can absorb most of the liquid. Use the cloth to then apply spot remover and work in from the outer edges of the spill. Remember to rinse the spot after you apply cleaner. For concrete floors, stripping the wax bi-monthly or bi-yearly will keep stains and spills from ever reaching the concrete. If you choose not to use sealant, know that stains and spills will be much harder to remove.

Floor care isn’t just about cleaning, though. What you place on your floor can have a big impact on its durability, so be careful about high heels, furniture and other items that come into contact with your surface. Placing padding under furniture to prevent scraping helps. Applying an approved coating or finish is also an effective way to make your office floor shine like the day it was installed. Regularly check for cracks and crevices in your floor as they’re not always easy to see but can still cause serious problems. Not only can dirt get trapped in them, but they can widen and eventually pose a tripping hazard for you and your workers.

Flooring is expensive and taking proper care of your facility’s floors will undoubtedly save your business money in the long-term. Dealing with safety issues, insurance liability, handling chemicals, assessing floors and understanding the composition of different surface materials can easily become overwhelming—and it’s probably not in your job description. Hiring the right commercial floor care provider will never leave you wondering if your building is clean enough. Whether you need help with your one-time or periodic commercial floor cleaning service, office textile cleaning, new flooring installation or replacement, ceramic tile restoration or office sanitization, milliCare by Cubix, Inc. delivers the quality of results you can trust. Call us today to discuss your cleaning needs and schedule your complimentary, no-obligation consultation.