Highly desired for its long-lasting surface and ability to be manipulated throughout its production, terrazzo is a versatile flooring option that lends itself to limitless possibilities in design. However, while terrazzo flooring is durable, impressive to behold and can stand up to high traffic without losing its luster, the inevitable chip or crack can occur from dropped or dragged items on its immaculate surface. It can also be damaged from improper installations, neglect or age. The good news is that all broken terrazzo flooring can be fixed.

Sometimes floors begin to lose their luster. This can be easily fixed with a new polish job. More serious issues come in the form of cracks within the terrazzo surface or broken pieces of terrazzo. Causes of destruction may include excessive moisture in the concrete slabs, an uneven floor level or even the use of acidic cleaners. If a fine line has begun to spread on the surface of the terrazzo flooring, then you have a growing issue that needs to be addressed. If left unattended, the little lines can become big problems that can cause damage to the integrity of the flooring.

Our Cubix, Inc. team of terrazzo experts repair terrazzo floors using this method:

  1. Remove anything that is currently held to the terrazzo’s surface (such as waxes, sealers or other adhesives) with a commercial floor-sealant remover.
  2. Square off the damaged area using a chisel and hammer. We create flat, vertical walls to slightly undercut the bottom of the damaged section from the top. This provides a ledge for the patch to prevent it from popping out.
  3. We mix a batch of epoxy resin with a color-matching agent to match the color of the terrazzo matrix and aggregate. Age gives to terrazzo its unique color fading and characteristics that can’t be copied or reverse-engineered. However, with multiple sample tests, it’s possible to achieve relatively close industry-standard color-matching.
  4. Allow the terrazzo patch to dry.
  5. After the mix has hardened, grind the patch even with the surrounding terrazzo. Smooth the patch out, blending the edge of the resin with the edge of the undamaged terrazzo floor.
  6. Seal the floor to ensure protection against oil-based stains, as well as moisture damage. Wait for the sealer to completely cure.
  7. Polish the surface to give it a smooth and shiny finish. Diamond-polishing is the most effective method to achieve a high gloss finish without making the floor surface slippery.

Terrazzo flooring is very resilient to damage but is still prone to cracking due to substrate issues, and structural settling or shifting. When this happens, it’s time to call in a terrazzo restoration expert. Cut-rate terrazzo repair services in Florida often skip some of these important steps, and the result can be a floor that looks worse than before the repair started. At Cubix, Inc., our flooring experts have been repairing terrazzo for decades, and we ensure that the repairs we make are seamlessly blended into the existing surface. Our repairs are designed to last a lifetime.

 We offer after-hours service so your terrazzo floor restoration can be completed without interfering with your business hours. Our Custom Color Match finds the correct tint for both the matrix and aggregate colors to ensure an undetectable repair. If you’ve had a bad terrazzo crack repair in the past, we can fix it and restore your floors to a polished, new appearance.

These days, customers and guests are more sensitive than ever to cleanliness, and a floor that is in poor repair can give the impression that your business does not pay attention to detail, and that things are not clean and safe in the office. In addition, a cracked floor can harbor germs that can make your employees and guests sick. Trust Cubix, Inc. with your terrazzo floor restoration and protect your company’s reputation today.