Now that spring has sprung, it’s time to get ready for that annual deep springtime cleaning. Deep cleaning can seem overwhelming and even a little intimidating, depending on the size of the space. In this post, we will be going over how to clean your office space, effectively leaving no dust bunny behind.

Plan Ahead

The first step to a successful spring clean is to plan ahead of time. Taking on a project of this size can quickly become overwhelmin; it’s key to stay organized on where and what needs to get done first. This can be accomplished by dividing the space into its distinct sections. This can be based on location in the building or the material to be cleaned, such as the type of flooring.

By having the spaces divided, you can quickly identify what needs to be accomplished in that building area. For example, break rooms will need disinfected furniture and sanitized fridges. Rather than focusing on the building, you can now work from room to room, ensuring no task is forgotten. In addition to this, business owners can prioritize certain areas that might require more time, such as restrooms and other high-traffic locations. Planning is a guaranteed method for companies to save time and money.

Involve Staff

It takes more than just a single person to keep an office looking well-polished. Use this spring cleaning to involve staff members in removing any accumulated clutter from their work area. This can be achieved through a company-wide email that details the importance of good spring cleaning and guidelines on what can be considered clutter. Reducing work area clutter has been shown to increase productivity and creativity among team members.

Another way to get team members involved is by providing a little extra time to tidy up work areas at the end of the day. Providing those five additional minutes for staff to sanitize their work areas can create a refreshing environment and reduce the spread of germs throughout the office. The most significant changes often stem from minor habits.

Target Textiles

The textiles in office buildings can often go unnoticed and neglected throughout the year, gathering bacteria and other harmful allergens. One of the biggest concerns regarding office textiles is the buildup of mold and mildew within the fabric. During the year, allergens and pollutants can nestle themselves into the fabric’s fibers, making them difficult to remove through traditional cleaning methods. An annual spring cleaning is a perfect opportunity to treat these textiles around the office before the havoc of allergy season. A few of these textiles include cubicle walls, fabric paneling, curtains, and office furniture. Before allergy season, business owners can ensure a healthy and safe work environment all spring season long by taking a proactive approach.

Consider a Workplace Sanitization & Disinfection Service

Some areas of your office may need more attention than others, especially highly trafficked sections. Business owners can go the extra mile by considering a professional deep cleaning, such as the Cubix, Inc. workplace sanitization and disinfection service. This service can be paired with other traditional cleaning methods to cover the entire office checklist.

Here at Cubix Inc., our certified technicians can provide safe and effective services ensuring business owners an in-depth cleaning that is certain to remove harmful bacteria and fungus. Start this spring season on the right foot by partnering with our courtesy and efficient technicians at Cubix Inc. to ensuring a thorough cleaning.