There is no getting around the fact that the type of flooring you pick out for your office greatly impacts the overall feeling and look of the space. The flooring you choose for your office is a long-term decision that will set a defining tone for each area, and there are many things to consider when making the selection. Choosing such an important aspect of your space can seem like a daunting task; that’s where Mohawk Flooring comes in to help. As the world’s largest flooring manufacturer, Mohawk Flooring provides a variety of selections in terms of type, colors, and style to help cater to your exact vision for the space.

Choosing Your Flooring Type

Let’s start with type, as Mohawk Flooring has a wide variety to offer you, including vinyl, carpet, laminated wood hardwood, and rugs. Wood flooring can be a perfect choice for any workspace as it can give a room character instantly, perfect in creating a well-polished work environment. If your building is exposed to dampness, you might want to consider WetProtect products, so that worries and stress over water damage can become a thing of the past. Every WetProtect floor is covered by a lifetime waterproof warranty, ensuring customer satisfaction. In addition, WetProtect is the sole waterproof flooring system, industry-wide, that provides a standard lifetime subfloor warranty. There are plenty of styles to browse with eight stunning collections, ranging from modern to rustic looks.

If you want the look of wood, but with increased durability, Mohawk has you covered. RevWood Plus is perfect for a fast-paced environment as it repels and locks out moisture, saving thousands of dollars in potential damages. Carpet is also a classic choice- ideal for areas where you want comfort for people who may work on their feet. It’s also the best choice if muffling sound is a priority for your office space. Having so many options can seem a little daunting for anyone. Mohawk’s Find Your Floor Quiz can help you narrow down your search to find what will work best for your space.

Flooring Color

Now that you have narrowed down the type of flooring for your space, next up is color. Having lighter-colored floors can give the room a larger and brighter appearance. Darker hues, on the other hand, create a warmer and snugger space. The shade you use for your space can be key in pulling a room together, giving employees and clients alike a fantastic first impression of your office. Most manufacturers provide a standard catalog of color options, but Mohawk Flooring aims to go above and beyond for their clients. There is no shortage of variety with Mohawk’s extensive selection of shades, extending from beautiful natural hues to eye-catching onyx-like shades.

Style of Flooring

With type and color sorted out, the last box on our checklist is style. At Mohawk Flooring, they understand there is no one size fits for their clients. This is why their plank width options start from 2 ¼” and run all the way to 7 ½” with plenty of sizes in between. They also provide the option to have boards come in various widths giving the charm to any room. Choosing wooden floors or vinyl can offer your space a unique look through their assortment of colors as well as the texture you choose. Having a traditional finish gives that timeless look of classic wood floors that we know and love. If you are looking for a more modern style, vinyl will give plenty of textures and mixed shading color options like sand topaz and reflections.

Not only is Mohawk Flooring the world’s largest manufacturer, but they are also a more sustainable option. You can take peace of mind in knowing not only are you receiving the best quality possible, but you are also helping the planet through an eco-friendly option. Each of Mohawk’s flooring choices is manufactured with renewable and recycled materials. Trust the experts at Cubix, Inc. to help you create a one-of-a-kind office with Mohawk flooring, sure to wow anyone using your facility. With a wide variety of types, colors, and flooring styles to choose from, there is something perfect for every room. Cubix, Inc. is an approved dealer partner with Mohawk through the Sourcewell State of Florida purchasing contract, making it easy for Florida organizations to obtain quality Mohawk flooring for their facilities. Ready to learn more about how Cubix, Inc can help transform your facility? Schedule your complimentary, no-obligation consultation today!