REPORTING POSITION: Junior Project Coordinators


To create customer cheerleaders by exceeding their expectations for quality and service in the delivery of our Flooring, SaniGLAZE, hardsurface, carpet and upholstery cleaning and installation services. To facilitate the timely and profitable delivery of all services while maintaining company standards for quality and customer satisfaction. To facilitate the effective supervision of training, documentation, supplies, and maintenance, record keeping, housekeeping, and  employee relations.
To assist in maintaining market leadership through continued training and business process improvement.


  • Monitor quality and customer information
  • Project on-site supervision both during and after normal business hours
  • Monitor project performance
  • Project Data entry; Word, Excel, & Outlook experience required.
  • Perform take-off and color coding on prints
  • Order product for projects
  • Coordinate purchase orders to venders and suppliers
  • Assist in scheduling of projects
  • Coordinate jobs and estimates both internally and externally
  • Maintain inventory of production supplies
  • Perform production work as needed. Lifting of items over 50lbs and installation of product included.
  • Communicate with customers
  • Monitor project efficiencies
  • Attend trade seminars and workshops
  • Orchestrate meetings both internally and externally on projects

The above statements are intended to describe the general nature of work being performed. They are not intended to be construed as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties and skills required of this classification.


  1. All work processes and policies will be documented.
  2. All employees will be given documentation as it pertains to their work.
  3. All work will be performed according to the documentation.
  4. Work processes will be tested and revised as needed.
  5. Employees performing the work will be asked for input prior to any work process revision.
  6. All work will be performed in accordance with the laws and regulations in the jurisdictions in which Cubix, Inc. operates.
  7. All work will be performed according to company policies and up to Cubix, Inc. standards.
  8. Coordionator will perform Strategic work in an effort to enable employees to perform to the best of their ability and to meet Cubix, Inc. standards.
  9. All work will be performed in accordance with safety regulations pertaining to this work.
  10. Employees will provide staff assistance as requested.
  11. Customers will be treated in a courteous and professional manner.
  12. The Project Coordinator will foster a positive attitude at all times.
  13. Complaints or grievances will be brought to the attention of your Director privately. Public criticism will not be tolerated. Everyone here deserves courteous treatment and will be treated courteously at all times.
  14. An issued company mobile phone will be worn after normal business hours and on weekends.______________________Project Coordinator
  15. The Project Coordinator will meet daily with Account Managers to discuss quality, supply, and progress of jobs.
  16. Service vehicles and equipment will be kept clean, maintained and safe at all times.
  17. The Project Coordinator will assist in establishing the strategic plan as it pertains to projects.
  18. Update meetings will be held daily with the Account Managers to discuss feed backs and related customer information.
  19. Keys to customers’ facilities will be distributed as needed, tracked, and kept secure at all times.
  20. The ordering of supplies will be coordinated with the Account Managers and maintained within budget at all times.
  21. All expenditures for job related materials will be accounted for in writing.
  22. All expenditures will be kept within budget and Cost of Sale expense will not exceed the forecast of the project.
  23. All job related documentation will be brought up to date daily.
  24. All communication with customers will be informative, courteous, and yet firm and unyielding in the maintenance of Cubix, Inc. interest.
  25. All adjustments and accommodations made to satisfy customer complaints and requests will be consistent with Cubix, Inc. policies.

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