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Restoration & Maintenance

On ceramic tile floors, it's generally not the tile that causes appearance problems; it's most often the grout. We rely on the SaniGLAZE process, which goes well beyond tile and grout cleaning, restoring grout to like-new condition, while sealing out mold, dirt and future contaminants for the life of the floor.

How it works:

In an overnight 3-step restoration process, the SaniGLAZE process turns ugly, contaminated tile and grout into a beautiful surface that can be easily maintained using our environmentally-friendly EverGLAZE program.

1Using an effective extraction process that was developed by SaniGLAZE International through rigorous testing, we remove all odors and stains from the tile and grout. Now that it’s clean, the secret is in keeping it that way.

2SaniGLAZE's specially formulated Glazing Compound is bonded to existing grout. This restorative bonding process makes grout look like new, keeps the color consistent and protects it from moisture, making it non-porous so dirt stays on the surface. 

3The proprietary SaniGLAZE Super Shield is applied over the entire surface. This clear, durable protective coating restores the color and luster to your tile and provides an additional layer of protection to your grout. Now your tile and grout surface looks brand new and is easy to maintain.

Once we restore your tile and grout surfaces to their original luster, color and clarity, we keep them that way with the EverGLAZE Extended Protection Plan. The exclusive program is our promise to you to keep your tile and grout surfaces clean and pristine for a lifetime. 

Note: The SaniGLAZE process is currently only performed in the Greater Orlando and Central Florida Area. Contact us for more information on tile and grout restoration outside of Central Florida.