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Innovative & Customized

Modern floor systems demand flexible and innovative solutions that correspond with your specific needs. We offer a unique line of environmentally friendly 2-part polyurethane floor coatings with four levels of protection for your hard surfaces to address extreme wear, slip and fall, renewal, ESD and stain resistance. Let our team of care consultants help you determine the right one for your facility’s use conditions.

Available Solutions:

  1. Permanent Floor Protector – Hard-wearing, two-part polyurethane-based super sealer for all hard surfaces forms a finish with excellent elasticity
  2. Slip Resistance – Provides extra-high safety underfoot in high-traffic areas and offers freedom of floor design versus conventional safety floors
  3. Chemical/Stain Resistance – Special two-part polymer sealer with increased resistance to chemical dyeing and plasticizer migrations forms an extremely hard wearing and stain-resistant seal
  4. Colored Floor Renewal – For resilient floor coverings in need of renovation, rejuvenates the floor using colored coatings.