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Stop Dirt at the Door

The best way to maintain and protect your clean carpet is simple: stop dirt at the door. Our commercial entry way systems can trap up to 90% of the dirt, allergens and pollutants from shoes before they enter the building. They can also reduce subsequent vacuuming and dusting by 50%, while also cutting down on carpet wear and overall floor maintenance. 

We can design an entryway system that best fits your needs and traffic patterns, incorporating this preventative measure into your overall maintenance plan. We offer Milliken Obex custom entry way mats, in your choice of color, design and texture, including hand-cut logos.

Benefits for Your Business

  • 30 feet of Entryway Systems can stop up to 80% of dirt and moisture from entering a building, reducing long-term care costs.
  • 70-90% of the dirt that enters a facility can come in through the front door.
  • Spend $1, save $10: Every dollar you spend on keeping dirt outside will save $10 in the cost of removing dirt from inside your facility.
  • 5-year warranty

How Does it Work

Our System follows a "zone" approach to entries, with product solutions that start from the outside in. Designed with aesthetics in mind to both protect and enhance your facility. 

Zone 1Outdoors - Ideal for a product with scraping action that can remove grit and heavy dirt particles, such as sand.

Zone 2Indoors, Primary - Defend against dirt and moisture with a dual action scraping and absorbing product.

Zone 3Indoors, Secondary - Moisture absorption and high-traffic management with a textile product.

Zone Diagram