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FL Department of Health

Over 250,000 sq. ft of Milliken modular carpet tile has been installed over our 6-year client relationship.

“We’re specifying only Milliken carpet and working exclusively with Cubix.” - Toni Green, Neil Saville, Facilities Manager

Neil Saville, Orlando facilities manager for the Florida Department of Health, only calls one single source for any flooring issues that develop in his one million square-foot office/medical complexes.

“Whether I need new carpeting installed, old carpeting cleaned or tile and grout cleaned, Cubix handles it all for us,” Saville explained.

Cubix, Inc. is Central Florida’s sustainable flooring specialist, offering a comprehensive list of flooring services, including Milliken carpet sales, MilliCare dry polymer cleaning process and SaniGLAZE ceramic tile and grout restoration.

“The Milliken carpeting is better than any other brand; I have seen this first-hand,” Saville said. “We first installed it in 2002 in a high traffic hallway and it’s still there and still looks great. We’ll eventually have it in all of our facilities.”

To date, Cubix has installed an estimated quarter million square feet of Milliken carpeting and entryway systems within the massive Health Department campuses. It’s been an on-going project, with no real end in sight.

“We’re always buying and installing new carpeting for some part of the complexes, and we’re specifying only Milliken carpet and working exclusively with Cubix,” Saville added, “Because both have an excellent track record with us.”

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