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This Milliken modular carpet tile sales and installation project covered 150,000 sq. yd. and included 187 meeting/breakout rooms, 4 food courts and an exhibit hall.

“Cubix went well above and beyond expectations and we got much more than our money’s worth.” - Toni Green, Facilities Supervisor, OCCC

The East-West Hall of the Orange County Convention Center contains over 4 million square feet of floor space, including 187 meeting and breakout rooms, 4 food courts, a 200-seat lecture hall and an exhibit hall larger than a football field, including end zones. The facility features a modernistic architectural design that carries over into the interior, where the carpeting forms geometric designs in the hallways that extend for more than a mile around the inside perimeter of the building.

Toni Green, a facilities supervisor on the convention center management team and responsible for the 150,000 sq. yd. project, still remains impressed with both the durability of the Milliken modular carpet system and the intricate Cubix installation craftsmanship.

“First impressions mean a lot to our facility because we get folks in here from all over the world and we want to impress them the moment they walk through the door,” Greene said. “We chose Milliken because of its reputation for quality and durability and we certainly got what we hoped for. But with the project management and installation, Cubix went well above and beyond expectations and we got much more than our money’s worth.”

The convention center is certified to ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standards. Milliken carpet is certified as an Environmentally Preferable Product, which helps to enhance the convention center’s “green” positioning.

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