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St. Cloud Medical Center

This SaniGLAZE Restoration project included ceramic tile floors in 47 semi-private patient bathrooms, 22 janitorial closets and public restrooms, along with a large tiled central lobby area.

"It's hard to believe that we didn't install new tile. It is really a dramatic difference." - Gary McWhirter, Director of Plant Operations

This busy 84-bed hospital was in the middle of a huge refurbishment project. And, slated for attention were the ceramic tile floors in patient bathrooms, along with public restrooms and a large, tiled lobby. The hospital’s Chief Operating Officer and the Director of Plant Operations considered replacing the tile. But, the noise and dust that comes with replacement created a dilemma – most of the facility’s rooms are semi-private. To close one room meant losing two beds. The non-invasive SaniGLAZE process meant the hospital could refurbish the tile and grout without disturbing patients. Click here to learn more.