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Gary Mcwhirter

“It’s hard to believe that we didn’t install new tile. It is really a dramatic difference.”

Gary Mcwhirter
Director Of Plant Operations
St. Cloud Regional Medical Center, Central Florida

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The flooring in your commercial space is the hardest worker, keep it looking professional for your employees and customers.

Performance coatings protect and revitalize your modern floor systems. No matter the style or material of your commercial hard floor – travertine, marble, vinyl, concrete, and more – Cubix, Inc provides an effective, complete cleaning solution that will fit your exact needs. Featuring a range of coatings to suit hard-surface floors in virtually any commercial space, and most are available in matte, satin, semi-gloss, and gloss finishes.

Over five decades of research has proven these coatings to meet or exceed stringent industry standards. Commercial flooring factory finishes wear with time, Cubix, Inc performance coatings have six times more surface protection resisting scratches and abrasions. Thanks to low VOC’s during the application process the sensitive environment will thank you while saving incredibly from a floor replacement.

Innovative & Custom for every floor system

For over 20 years, Cubix has provided award-winning cleaning services to meet the needs of our customers regardless of their industry. From municipalities, to schools, banks, retail spaces and restaurants every commercial floor is unique and it is important to follow a custom cleaning plan for each.

Cubix, Inc offers a unique line of environmentally friendly 2-part polyurethane floor coatings with four levels of protection for your hard surfaces. Protect your commercial flooring from extreme wear, slip and falls, ESD and stains.

Performance Coating Applications:

  • Permanent Floor Protection – Hard-wearing, two-part polyurethane-based super sealer for all hard surfaces forms a finish with excellent elasticity
  • Slip Resistance – Provides extra-high safety underfoot in high-traffic areas and offers freedom of floor design versus conventional safety floors
  • Stain & Chemical Resistance – Special two-part polymer sealer with increased resistance to chemical dyeing and plasticizer migrations forms an extremely hard wearing and stain-resistant seal
  • Floor Color Renewal – For resilient floor coverings in need of renovation, rejuvenates the floor using colored coatings

Performance Coatings Solutions

  • Cost-Effective for Budget Conservation
  • Durability and Longevity
  • ADA-rated safety
  • Aesthetic appeal and Scratch repair
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Environmental sensitivity
  • Resource conservation
  • Infection control

The Cubix, Inc Difference

  • Professional Service: Industry-certified expert technicians deliver quality cleaning
  • Damage Control: Our Care Plans keep the daily soil under control
  • Improved appearance: High-quality acrylic polishes, cleaners, and strippers make floors shine
  • Environmental Sustainability: Approved by numerous green initiatives for responsible cleaning
  • Customized Plans for Any Business

Your commercial flooring is worth maintaining, let our team of care consultants help you determine the right one for your facility’s use conditions.

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1Permanent Floor Protector

2Slip Resistance

3Chemical Stain Resistance

4Colored Floor Renewal