One of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic means that businesses not only have to ensure they can serve customers safely, but they also have to ensure that everyone is kept safe on the premises.

Most businesses today use social distancing stickers to remind customers or employees on the premises to keep a safe distance from one another. 

However, as we regain some form of normalcy, you may be preparing to remove these social distancing stickers. Here are some Orlando commercial floor cleaning tips you can try when removing these stickers from your floor:

Removing Stickers From The Floor

You may be able to remove the majority of the sticker using a sharp blade. By prying up the edges, you are looking to peel off the sticker as much as possible, ideally with the adhesive still attached. You can then wash the affected area with warm water and soap to ensure a good clean.

However, that may not be enough in some cases. Different floorings and finishes will react differently to the use of adhesives for stickers. Depending on the flooring, you will have several options when it comes to removal.


For concrete floors, it can be quite a hassle as stickers have a tendency to stain the flooring if left for too long. In order to get rid of the stickers, you will need to take some important steps. 

First, scrape off the stickers using a straight razor. Following that, you can use an adhesive remover to work off the adhesive. Next, you will need to strip off the finishing from the floor with a stripping pad and water. Lastly, mop the area with a neutral pH cleaner. This is a job that’s best left to the professionals.


Thankfully, things are not that complicated when it comes to carpet flooring. Generally, the carpet is safe from the stickers but it is the adhesive you’ll need to worry about. These may leave behind residue that can trap unwanted dirt and stains.

To remove adhesive and the stickers from the carpet, a specialized carpet cleaning machine is perfect for the job. Following a good clean, the carpet can also be rinsed to make sure there is no residue left.

Vinyl Composition Tile

When it comes to adhesive stickers and vinyl composition tiles (VCT), it is also a more straightforward affair compared to concrete. When stickers are removed from VCT flooring, you only need to worry about the waxing work. Both the adhesive and the sticker are not going to stain your VCT flooring.

Once the stickers have been removed, you can then go about stripping and waxing the flooring once more to get it back to its pristine condition.


Removing social distancing stickers will soon become something many businesses must do, especially as we continue to turn the tide against the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are unsure about how to proceed, you can always count on professional cleaners. Not only will you get your flooring back, but it will also be cleaned well.