The best way to start the workweek is not a strong morning coffee or getting up earlier, but rather coming into a well-organized and cleaned space. The quality and cleanliness of workspaces can be a key factor to the overall environment in the workplace and towards the mental health of employees. A cluttered and disorganized desk invites for anxiety and stress, causing productivity to come to a slow-paced march rather than a steady run. A clean workplace has been shown to improve mood, boost productivity, and prompt overall healthier living.

Let’s start with defining what “mental health” is and how it interacts with your surroundings. Mental health is simply defined as one’s condition in regard to their psychological and emotional well-being. Surroundings can impact your mental health as they set the overall tone for the environment. These tones can range from calm and inviting creativity and collaboration, or disorganized and stress-inducing. It is important that your office sets an acceptable tone that fosters an engaging setting for anyone who comes into your facility. This sets you apart from competitors, illustrating to new and current clients a distinct level of professionalism.

Working roughly forty hours each week in a cluttered office can sour moods for the worse as this allows stress to accumulate and leave employees feeling overwhelmed at the idea of starting new projects. Stress drains even the best workers, lowering the quality of work and leaving many feeling apathetic towards their day-to-day tasks. On the other hand, a well-cleaned workplace can greatly improve the general mood of everyone in your office. No one wants to use a dirty restroom, so why subject your employees to one five days of the week? Common spaces such as bathrooms and break rooms should be regularly maintained as it directly communicates to your staff what this facility really means to you., and how much your employees really mean to your company. Ensuring your facility is properly maintained through scheduled cleanings as well as keeping desks clear of clutter can be greatly beneficial in securing a positive work environment with happier staff.

Productivity follows very closely behind improved moods, and when your staff is content, their work is sure to reflect their satisfaction. When employees are able to be productive at work, it builds confidence and self-assurance when it comes to crossing the next task off of their to-do list. New ideas and creativity can flourish, but only if in the right environment. Having to search through piles of paper or losing items due to a disheveled desk can waste precious time that could have been used on more important projects. Workstations should be a place in which employees can focus on the tasks at hand, not on the distracting stains on their cubicle wall.

We talked about stress earlier, but did you know that stress is often referred to as the “silent killer”? Depending on the amount of stress employees face each day, it can push them into moderate and severe depression. Not to mention the physical factors of stress, as it can increase the risk of a premature heart attack and or stroke. However, having a well-cared-for environment is shown to greatly reduce the risk of mental illnesses as well as physical ones. While work can be stressful due to deadlines and large-scale projects, it should never be because of lack of cleanliness. Ensure that employees are able to regularly disinfect their workstations in order to prevent illnesses, like the flu, from hopping desk to desk. Take the right steps to helping your staff reduce stress by keeping facilities cleaned and cared for to ensure a healthy environment both at and outside of work. Reach out to our team at Cubix, Inc. for help in maintaining a clean and stress-free workplace.


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