With employees returning to Florida offices in 2022, it is vital to ensure that their working space is safe and clean. A well-maintained area contributes to the increase in productivity, but it also leaves a lasting impression on everyone coming into the building. Business owners can provide a hygienic space by establishing routine deep cleanings for carpeted areas.

Carpet is one of the most common flooring choices for our homes and offices. It’s relatively easy to install and comes in various styles and colors, making it custom to the space. While it is a popular choice due to its versatility, there are some drawbacks to it as well. Have you ever stopped to think about all the allergens and dust that enter your space each day? Carpet is one of their favorite spots to hide and linger as the fibers hold allergens in place. In addition, carpets can drastically lower the overall air quality in your office as carpet acts as a giant filter catching any debris brought into the building.

Most molds found in the office only require a humid environment to thrive and reproduce thousands of tiny airborne spores. With the high humidity climate throughout Florida, deep cleanings are essential in preventing the accumulation of mold within your carpet fibers. Neglecting carpeted areas of the building could result in a phenomenon known as “sick building syndrome.” This phrase refers to the inhabitants or staff of a building contracting recurring health problems associated with that building. A few of these health problems include irritation of the eyes, sore throats, and breathing difficulties. Team members with pre-existing conditions, like asthma or chronic lung diseases, are at even greater risk. Like the air filters in your building, carpets need to have a consistent cleaning schedule to provide a healthy environment. These cleanings should also extend to any other fabrics found around the office, such as fabric paneling, drapes, and furniture, as they can also lock in debris.

You are protecting your staff with deep cleanings, but you are also protecting your firm’s assets. One of your company’s most significant investments is the flooring used in the building. The carpet’s lifespan in your facility can either be increased or decreased depending on how often you maintain it.

Proactive Cleaning

We at Cubix Inc. strongly recommend and encourage taking a proactive approach to cleaning to maintain a healthy and safe environment year-round. When it comes to carpets, this is no exception. Through Millicare dry carpet cleaning, our skilled technicians can effectively remove grime and staining, preventing any additional stress on the flooring and only leaving behind stunning floors that will leave a lasting impression on clients.

Reactive Cleaning

Without an established schedule, carpets quickly become a nightmare. Built-up staining and other damages can be difficult to remove after being allowed to set into the fabric over time firmly. This neglect can result in early floor replacements wasting valuable company assets. When properly cared for, commercial carpets can last upwards of fifteen years. Yet the national average lifespan for carpets is only seven years; this actively demonstrates why regular maintenance is crucial. Business owners want to get one hundred percent of their money’s worth, not just a measly forty-six percent.

It is easy to see how crucial routine carpet cleanings are to your business’s overall health with all of this in mind. By taking the proactive steps, business owners can communicate to their team that their health and well-being is a number one priority that is not taken lightly. Contact us for more information on milliCare by Cubix, Inc. services that can help in effectively cleaning flooring while supporting your staff’s health.