Across the United States, employees are returning to the office. As exciting as it is to welcome staff back into the workplace, it’s important to ensure negative habits formed during the work-from-home period are left at the door. Good employee hygiene is essential in cultivating a productive and clean work environment in which everyone can thrive. Throughout this article, we will be discussing how employers can support and affirm positive habits, leading to a healthy workspace that lasts year-round.

A key note to discuss here is what exactly employee hygiene is—it describes the level of cleanliness expected from staff while in the office. Some examples of good employee hygiene include clean uniforms, appropriate hand washing, and maintained desks and common spaces. By setting high standards in place, business owners can ensure the work environment is well-maintained for both staff and visitors.

Educate staff on the importance of a clean space

A good way to help form lasting healthy habits is by educating team members of the benefits, both short- and long-term. This can be conducted through various means, such as a mass email, posters around the office, or staff meetings—talking points can include how a clean environment benefits both one’s physical and mental health. In addition, working to keep the workplace clean can be an excellent team-building exercise for all departments. By educating team members, the overall culture within the company can shift in a direction for the better—toward a healthier lifestyle in and out of the office.

Provide opportunities to tidy up

In order to maintain this newfound culture of wellness, employers and managers alike should allocate time dedicated to straightening up workspaces. A large chunk of time is not necessary—anywhere between ten and fifteen minutes to provide staff with the ability to sanitize their workstations and remove unnecessary clutter is useful. And, while most offices have a nightly cleaning crew, they will not be cleaning every individual workspace in the building. They will be more focused on the big picture of the space, rather than the details.

The act of regular decluttering can be greatly beneficial for everyone, as it cuts down the accumulation of trash and provides a fresh start to the workday. Imagine coming into the office after a long work week just to sit down at an absolute mess of a desk—it is a terrible way to start a new day, as you have to sort through clutter to find what you need, and cluttered spaces can be overwhelming at times. By allowing staff that extra time to tidy up, they can come into a fresh and healthy environment at the start of each day.

Keep communal areas clean

One area of office hygienic practices that can never be skipped is the break room. These spaces often contain a kitchenette that is available to staff for storing, preparing, and enjoying their meals. It is vital that this space is kept clean each day, as odors from leftovers can easily build up and mold can begin to appear. Business owners should establish routine cleaning for these areas that are not solely reliant on third-party vendors, but staff as well—this can be as simple as providing cleaning wipes for employees to use on counters and tables after eating. Another example could be to clear the fridge of any forgotten food or spoiled condiments weekly.

By establishing a cleaning schedule for communal spaces, management is able to effectively communicate the importance of good hygiene and demonstrate to employees that they are not the only ones expected to practice healthy hygienic habits in the office.

Schedule routine cleanings

The last point that will be discussed when it comes to encouraging good employee hygiene in the workplace is routine cleaning, which circles back to what we have established prior—in order to cultivate a healthy culture in the office, employees need to be involved. This can be achieved by scheduling cleaning in areas such as restrooms and break rooms and sanitizing flooring and textiles throughout the office. By providing a clean environment for employees, the company sets an example of what is expected in the workplace. Contact our team here at Cubix Inc. today to speak with one of our dedicated representatives on which services could be beneficial to your company.