The office is meant to be a space in which employees can safely gather to perform their work and share new ideas. However, ideas are not the only thing that tends to be shared in closed office spaces. Bacteria and allergens can quickly be passed from one surface to the next if not correctly maintained. With this in mind, is your building as clean as you think it is? We’ll be discussing seven places dirt and bacteria might be lingering in your office space.

  1. The Refrigerator 

Just like our fridge at home, it’s essential to have a routine cleaning with the office fridge at least once a week to cut down on any potential bacteria growth. Neglecting this area could result in the cultivation and spread of harmful bacteria such as listeria, E. coli, and salmonella.

Cleanings should include discarding any out-of-date coffee creamers and unclaimed leftovers. Be sure to wipe down the inside with antibacterial wipes or cleanser thoroughly.

  1. Desks

We spend most of our time at work at our desks, making them one of the most touched surfaces in the office. With plenty of surface area, germs easily thrive here. There are over ten million bacterial organisms on the average desk.

One of the most significant contributors to desks being such a hot spot for bacteria is eating at our desks. Not only is this an unhealthy habit, but it inevitably creates the ideal environment for germs to flourish. Management should encourage everyone to disinfect their desks at the end of each workday properly. Fostering a clean work environment is a healthy habit that every employer should take the time to invest in, as this will cut down absences during the flu season.

  1. Keyboards

Considering how much time we spend at our desks each day, our keyboards get plenty of use. This is why it is so vital that our keyboards are wiped down and disinfected at the end of each workday as debris tends to accumulate behind the keys. For example, keyboards can hold onto dead skin, built-up dust, and other allergens.

Team members should avoid eating or snacking at one’s desks, as crumbs can also become a part of the keyboard’s growing debris collection. Not to mention this leftover food could invite unwanted pests into the workspace.

  1. Carpet 

While carpet is an excellent flooring choice, it is better suited in areas with less foot traffic. Carpet fibers tend to hold onto dirt and other allergens that get tracked inside the building.

A quick once over with a vacuum is not always enough to significantly reduce the germ population hiding beneath your feet. Through the by services provided by Cubix Inc., business owners can keep their spaces dirt-free and pristine.

  1. Furniture 

Consider all the use the furniture in your building sees in a single day. Whether the couches in the lobby or the break room tables, it’s essential to ensure these areas are sanitized daily. Think of your office furniture as another piece of equipment you have invested in. Don’t wait for visible stains to make cleaning your furniture a priority, be proactive in removing the buildup of germs.

  1. Phones 

Everything your hands touch throughout the day makes its way back to your office phone. Cleaning your phone at least once a day is a great preventative measure in reducing the harmful germs that cause their way around the office. Staff should be wiping down both the phone and dial keys throughout the day, especially after eating.

  1. Fabric Panels 

Like carpets, fabric panels and cubicle walls also have quite the knack for trapping dirt and dust. These spaces in the office are often overlooked during routine cleanings. Taking the extra time and care into having these textiles suitably cleaned will remove any unwanted allergens.

These are just seven places germs, and harmful bacteria can be hiding throughout your office. Stay ahead of any seasonal bug by maintaining a well-kept and sanitary work environment year-round.