Now that the summer months have drawn to a close, fall is here once again, bringing with it the dreaded flu season. How prepared is your office for this upcoming common cold and flu season? Once the temperature begins to dip, it will only be a matter of time before the flu makes its way around the office, bringing down profits and productivity with it. While it’s true the flu and common cold are inevitable, they don’t have to have such a strong grip on the workplace. Today we’re going to go over some tips on keeping your office building safe and healthy during these upcoming fall and winter months.

Encouraging the Flu Shot

First and foremost, employers should encourage workers to consider getting their flu shot. With the past years of data in mind, the flu shot is designed to help combat the more dominant strains of influenza. Some employees will be unable to get the vaccine, such as those with compromised immune systems and older adults who should consult with their primary care physician to see if they can receive the shot or not. Employers should consider extending breaks to allow workers to take that time to receive their shots or hosting a vaccination clinic in the office to make it that much more accessible to those who choose to receive their vaccination. The flu shot comes at no cost and can be administered at the doctor’s office or a local drug store. By encouraging employees to get the vaccine, the office has a better chance at preventing the spread of sickness as the flu shot protects against several contagious strains.

Educating Staff on Recognizing and Reacting to Symptoms 

It is important to note that the vaccine is not 100% effective against the flu as the illness comes in various strains ranging in severity and contagiousness. This is what makes awareness of flu itself so critical for companies as they can help stop the spread of the flu before it even reaches the office by sending out memos or emails to staff regarding how to spot symptoms. Employers can take the proactive route instead of a reactive one by educating employees on what to look for, such as body aches, chills, fever, and coughing or sneezing. Encouraging workers to stay home if they experience any of these flu indications can make the difference in keeping your office building healthy rather than a hot spot for germs to cultivate.

Sanitizing Frequently Used Spaces and Surfaces

This tip is rather self-explanatory but still an important one. Common areas such as lobbies, bathrooms, and break rooms should be thoroughly sanitized to keep these spaces from becoming ground zero for pesky viruses and bugs. As for surfaces, some of the most frequently used surfaces include handrails, keyboards, elevator buttons, and telephones to name just a few. Cubix, Inc. offers workplace sanitization services that effectively achieve a 99.9999% reduction of bacteria, viruses, and fungi hiding in difficult-to-reach locations. Employers can take preventative steps by supplying disinfecting wipes to be used freely by employees to wipe down their workspaces at the start and end of each day. And as we all know from the COVID-19 pandemic, workers should frequently wash and sanitize their hands to help stop germs from traveling around the office.

Schedule Cleaning Services

The common cold and the flu virus can latch onto just about any surface; the flu virus can live up to three days on hard surfaces and upwards of twelve hours on fabrics. Schedule a cleaning service at the start of the season and again if employees start to experience flu symptoms. It can make all the difference in preventing your workplace from becoming a flu factory. Cubix Inc. offers a variety of services ranging from textile cleaning to workplace sanitation, helping you keep your office a healthy and productive space for everyone.

While the flu and common cold come with changing seasons, they don’t need to create havoc for you or your employees. Taking these preventative actions can help prevent flu and cold outbreaks and keep the workflow running smoothly into the holiday season.