You have used SaniGLAZE, the world’s leader in tile and hard surface restoration. We appreciate the opportunity to bring your tile and hard surfaces to the best state imaginable. Please feel free to contact SaniGLAZE with questions, concerns and comments.

This quick and easy reference for you and your maintenance personnel will help your tile and hard surfaces stay clean for years to come.

Do’s and Don’ts to adhere to when maintaining your SaniGLAZE surface.
Caring for your SaniGLAZE restored floors.
• Use the floor-cleaning procedures and chemicals recommended by SaniGLAZE.
• Use only a medium to soft bristle deck brush for scrubbing tile and grout.
• Use clean mops or micro-fiber flat mops, fresh mop water and cleaning solutions; and make sure to discard the mop water solutions after each use.
• After wet mopping; be sure to dry mop or wet vacuum the floor, especially when immediate foot traffic is expected.
• Do not use mops for cleaning other areas of your facility in your restrooms so you don’t risk cross contamination.
• Do not use a wire brush for cleaning grout lines, or aggressive brushes, tools or equipment that will wear through protective shield coating.
• Do not use harsh cleaners, aerosol sprays or timed room-deodorizers containing acetone.

Routine Floor Care

Follow the instructions below and you will enjoy the “like new” look of your newly restored SaniGLAZE floor:

Step 1 Sweep or vacuum loose dust and soil before mopping.
Step 2 Mop daily with recommended cleaners* using micro-fiber flat mop or standard string mop.
Step 3 Wet vacuum and rinse with clean water.
Step 4 Keep mop heads clean by rinsing frequently with clean water. When using micro-fiber pads, be sure to replace frequently.

Step 1 Sweep or vacuum loose dust and soil before mopping.
Step 2 Flood floor with a recommended cleaning solution mixed as directed by the manufacturer. Allow solution to dwell for 15 minutes. If heavily soiled areas exist, spray first and agitate with medium bristle deck brush, motor scrubber, 175 RPM floor machine with medium/soft bristle shower-feed brush, or 1000 RPM automatic scrubber with soft brushes.
Step 3 Use wet vac to remove cleaning residue and rinse with clean water, if an automatic scrubber is not used.
Step 4 Remove rinse water with wet vac and allow floor to dry.
Step 5 Adhere to specified EverGLAZE Support Service.

*Examples of recommended cleaning solutions:

• EverGLAZE Universal Cleaner
• Johnson’s Stride
• Cello’s Best Yet Neutral Cleaner
• Hillyard Super Shine All
• Netcare Neutral Cleaner
• Butchers Rain Dance
• Cello #10 Hospital Neutral Detergent Disinfectant

Low Abrasive General Cleaners and Floor Cleaners:
• H2 Orange2
• Aqua Mix Concentrated Tile Cleaner
• UltraChem Labs-Ultra-Q128 Cleaner Disinfectant

Caution: Avoid strong alkaline, butyl or acidic cleaners. If a disinfectant is required, use proper dilution ratios. More is NOT better! Mix all cleaning solutions as directed by the manufacturer.

SaniGLAZE offers an extended warranty option. This option can remain in
effect as long as you adhere to the EverGLAZE Maintenance Program schedule
prescribed for your surfaces. The EverGLAZE extended warranty is a maintenance
program that entails a set of procedures performed by periodically utilizing
specialized equipment and chemicals. This is designed to protect the integrity of
the applied coatings and supplements your regular maintenance practices.