With spring just around the corner, it’s time to start planning out that deep spring cleaning to start the year off on the right foot. Ensuring your employees and guests in the office are well protected is essential as the changing of seasons brings pesky allergies and head colds as the weather begins to heat back up. On top of routine cleaning, your office could greatly benefit from more thorough disinfection to cut down any lingering bacteria and germs. One approach to this is electrostatic fogging, which can drastically eliminate pathogens without spreading them around the space. By exploring the fogging method, we will determine if it is the right fit for your area.

How It Works 

Electrostatic fogging is one of the most effective methods to sanitize an area quickly. The process starts by first administering an electrical charge to the cleaning solution. This charge allows some of the mist droplets to hold a positive direction, discouraging them from bonding with other droplets. This allows maximum coverage as the sanitization solution is applied throughout the room. The time of the process does vary depending on the size of the room, but on average can be fully completed around thirty minutes to an hour. After the mixture is applied, it will only take two minutes for any bacteria on the surface to dissipate and even less time for viruses.

With some cleaning solutions, they must remain on the surface for extended periods before needing to be wiped away. Going over a cleaner with a rag can potentially spread bacteria that was not initially destroyed during that application, compromising the entire process. This is not the case with electrostatic fogging as there is no after cleanup needed.

Electrostatic Fogging Benefits

One of the most significant benefits of electrostatic fogging is that it provides business owners with a lightning-fast response to outbreaks. Through the disinfecting solution, attacks such as COVID-19 or the flu can be stopped in their tracks before working their way throughout the building. This, in turn, can help you keep those in your facility safe and healthy all year round.

Another positive takeaway is electrostatic fogging can be used around electronics. Items such as laptops, keyboards, phones, and desktops cannot be sprayed directly, but they can be lightly misted at a different range. Documents and other paper material should be put away beforehand to avoid potential water damage from the fogging process.

The final benefit we will be discussing is no longer needing to wait to wipe up the cleaning solution. Once the cleaning mixture is set, there is no need to wipe anything away as there will be no excess solution remaining thanks to the distribution process. Going back and brushing each area treated can become time-consuming, especially in larger sizes. Through electrostatic fogging, you can save time as it only needs to dry after it is applied.

Is It the Best Approach for Your Office?

While electrostatic fogging may seem like going overboard at first glance, it is an ideal method of disinfection to tackle areas that receive heavy foot traffic. For example, a busy lobby or shared workspaces would make perfect candidates for this type of sanitization as the fogger would cover those frequently touched surfaces.

Moreover, electrostatic fogging can be used for areas that are harder to reach or need more in-depth sanitization, such as restrooms. Through the use of electrostatic fogging, you can ensure that harmful molds and pathogens are dealt with before they can become a potentially serious problem. Through the fogging method, no matter the size of your office, you can ensure a clean and safe environment.