Introducing SaniGLAZE® The amazing high-tech process that restore workplace rest rooms to “like-new” –– permanently.

The only cost-effective long-term solution for tile and grout cleanliness.
SaniGLAZE® is a proprietary and revolutionary tile and grout restoration and maintenance system that puts an end to unsightly, dirty and odorous commercial facilities for good.

  • Restores tile and grout to “like new” condition
  •  Transforms porous surfaces to non-porous
  • Rejuvenates tile luster and grout brightness
  • Moisture resistant seal protects from mold, mildew and foul orders
  • Keeps facilities sanitary and clean with less maintenance
  • Eliminates the need to replace existing tile

While it’s true that rest rooms account for only five percent of a facility’s space, they are used by 100% of the buildings occupants and visitors, yet cause over 80% of building complaints. Attempting to solve these issues by replacing old tile with new can be cost prohibitive. Eventually new tile will develop the same problems as your current tile and grout, and vintage tile is often irreplaceable. Temporary commercial surface cleaning, staining, or sealing means you’ll pay time and again in an attempt to keep your surfaces clean and sanitary.

The SaniGLAZE process is an affordable solution that permanently restores the original
beauty and luster to dull, dingy and odorous tile and grout, and makes daily janitorial maintenance a snap! The SaniGLAZE restoration process is ideal for:

  • Hospitals
  • School and colleges
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Municipal and office buildings
  • All high traffic commercial

Eliminates mold and mildew
Moisture is the most common element that allows mold and mildew to develop and breed in tile and grout. So controlling moisture is one of the best ways to help eliminate it. Independent laboratory tests confirm that mold and mildew cannot breed in a SaniGLAZE surface because its “restorative bonding” technology creates a non-porous protective surface that prohibits moisture and contaminant absorption.

The SaniGLAZE method sets the stage for “Green”.
The SaniGLAZE system is a viable and intelligent alternative to ceramic tile and grout replacement and an environmentally friendly solution to harsh tile and
grout cleaners. Using SaniGLAZE’s program helps make your building “green” and can help qualify for credits in LEED, Green Globes and other sustainability

Until the SaniGLAZE process was developed, aggressive chemicals like acids, high pH butyls and bleach were required to deal with unsightly tile and
grout. Once the SaniGLAZE process is performed, harsh chemicals are no longer necessary.

For everyday maintenance, “Green” products (safe,
biodegradable and environmentally friendly) are all that you need to keep your SaniGLAZE surfaces clean.

For almost a decade, the SaniGLAZE® process has been hailed by industry experts as the first long-term solution to tile and grout sanitation and maintenance

Proven to be the most effective process for correcting unsanitary and unattractive conditions in thousands of commercial buildings, the SaniGLAZE restorative process extends far beyond janitorial capabilities.

Guaranteed to restore tile and grout to “like new”.
For most businesses, smelly, dirty and unsanitary areas, such as rest rooms and kitchens, are a major source of complaints. Patrons, visitors and employees
view it as a reflection of your business.

Due to the porous nature of tile and grout, a multitude of contaminants, soil and germs are absorbed
into the surfaces causing foul odors and a dingy, ugly appearance. Regular janitorial maintenance, temporary “quick-fixes” or costly tile replacement won’t solve the problem for good– but the SaniGLAZE restorative bonding technology will.

How the SaniGLAZE process works:
The SaniGLAZE process is a safe and environmentally friendly high-tech restoration process that extracts contaminants, soil and odors from your tile and grout
surfaces. Then, a permanent non-porous material is bonded to the grout, and a protective shield is applied to the entire floor leaving a “like new” appearance.
The SaniGLAZE process can be completed overnight with no construction disruption and the results make routine cleaning easier and more effective.