Restroom renovations are among the most common projects that institutional and commercial facilities undertake. Odor, poor cleanliness and empty paper dispensers rank as the most common complaints from restroom visitors, so it stands to reason that eliminating sources of these complaints, while minimizing cleaning costs related to restrooms, would be a win-win strategy for the managers and restroom users. Managers can achieve both higher quality and lower costs writes Thomas Westerkamp in his article “Restroom Renovations, Big Benefits” in the April 2005 issue of Maintenance Solutions. Among the many benefits of restroom renovations are improved sanitation, greater comfort, easier access for all, and lower operating costs. Managers will need to take a closer look at each one in order to prioritize them.

Greater comfort. A fresh, attractive restroom provides a more comfortable environment for the user and eases concerns that accompany using unsanitary or stale-smelling facilities. It also reflects well on the building owner and manager, as well as the organization in general. Besides all of the tangible costs and functional benefits, managers also will reap the intangible but often substantial benefit that a positive impression can make on building occupants and visitors.

The two most effective means of maximizing benefits and minimizing problems with restroom renovations are improved hygiene and standardized custodial procedures. Even after a thorough renovation, some deficiencies can go undetected or unidentified – especially the microbial kind – without professional assessment. Before managers undertake this step, they should have a specific objective in mind, such as identifying the source of odors – by surface tests to determine quantity and type of bacteria present and effectiveness of cleaning solutions and methods – and eliminating the offending odor.

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