With COVID-19 on a steady decline throughout Florida, much of the Sunshine State’s workforce will soon be heading back into the office. This means it’s time for business owners to get those vacant offices ready for bustling workdays once again. To make this transition as smooth as possible, we will be going over five things to consider when returning to the office.

  1. Review the Building’s Safety

As we get ready to return to the workplace, employers should ensure it is a safe environment for everyone. When buildings remain vacant for extended periods with little to no interaction, issues will arise.

Dust and other allergens can quickly build up throughout the building, reducing the overall air quality and leaving your older and asthmatic employees vulnerable. In addition to this, be mindful of any standing water or areas with excess moisture. These locations can quickly become mold hotspots and should be checked long before your company’s team returns.

Furthermore, molds and allergens are not the only hazards that can move into your vacant building. Pests such as wasps or rats can easily creep in as no one is there to disturb them. Before bringing your staff back to the office, be sure to thoroughly review the building’s safety both inside and out to ensure a smooth transition.

  1. Educate Staff

Even with COVID-19 cases declining in Florida, employee health and safety are still vital in the office space. Illnesses such as the common cold, flu, and even COVID-19 can still be spread. Healthy habits such as wiping down desks and frequent hand washing should still be encouraged to cut down the spread of germs, especially as allergy season is pretty much all year round in Florida.

Before your staff returns to the office, send out an email or companywide memo stressing the importance of wiping down equipment after use and staying home when feeling ill. This can also serve as an opportunity to set up a companywide contingency plan if someone is exposed. Taking the proactive approach over a reactive one can result in a safe and healthy work environment year-round. Regardless of the size of your company, being prepared is a significant key to success.

  1. Identify Potential COVID-19 Hotspots

This tip goes hand in hand with the prior section. Business owners should identify frequently touched surfaces and other potential hotspots where germs can quickly spread. A few examples of these hotspots include light switches, shared workspaces, lobby furniture, and office phones. By recognizing these areas now, you can continue to be proactive in preventing staff members from getting sick.

  1. Schedule a Workplace Sanitization Service

For larger offices, a quick cleaning the night before staff returns may not be enough to provide a safe and healthy environment. Business owners should consider scheduling a workplace sanitization service to ensure thorough cleaning for these space workplace workplaceworkplace sanitization services to ensure a thorough cleaning. This service will remove any hazardous bacteria and molds rooted into your office’s textiles like furniture or cubicle walls. Now you can bring back your employees with confidence and peace of mind.

  1. Take it Slow 

Moving back into the office can be a challenge for anyone. Consider using a hybrid method to help ease team members back into the office environment. For instance, employees could work three days in person and two days from home. Your staff’s productivity and creativity can continue during this adjustment period.

Moreover, employers can better gauge their team’s health. This ensures that even those with compromised immune systems or vulnerable loved ones work in a healthy environment. Illness is also less likely to spread around the office as business owners can easily schedule cleaning services during work-from-home days.

As we return to the office, let these five tips guide you in setting your team up for a successful transition back. Remember to be proactive to help your team stay healthy and safe throughout the year.