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Gary Mcwhirter

“It’s hard to believe that we didn’t install new tile. It is really a dramatic difference.”

Gary Mcwhirter
Director Of Plant Operations
St. Cloud Regional Medical Center, Central Florida

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Millicare Dry Carpet Cleaning

Your commercial space’s carpet is the first experience for your visitors. Keep your space beautiful and fresh from the everyday foot traffic, grime, and spills with our gentle dry care system. The best way to keep your carpet clean and protect your investment. There are many choices for maintaining your commercial space carpet, most commonly hot water extraction. Using the latest dry carpet cleaning your carpet will last longer, perform better, and improve the appearance of your workspace.

Dry carpet care means almost no water. Protect the environment and save on your water usage with less time spent waiting for the carpets to dry so you can get back to work faster. Our team of trained technicians will work around your schedule and your carpet is ready for foot traffic at completion. By reducing the amount of water used in the cleaning process, the MilliCare process also greatly reduces the common tendency for spots to reappear shortly after cleaning with hot water.

No residue dry carpet care – no detergents left behind!

Cleaners that leave behind sticky detergent residues in your carpet fibers will actually attract dirt and grime. With MilliCare’s Dry Care solution, your carpet stays cleaner longer. Save on residual costs with fewer applications per year.  Dry Care Improves Indoor Air Quality. When used in conjunction with an effective HVAC system, MilliCare removes up to 99% of pollutants and harmful VOCs. For you, your guests, and your employees, the difference is noticeable.

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MilliCare dry care for commercial carpets benefits:

  • Shorter drying time: Our dry polymers mean you’re not waiting overnight before using your carpet again.
  • Stays cleaner longer: milliCare’s effective cleaning system removes more dirt and debris from commercial carpets than other cleaning systems.
  • Harmless to carpets: MilliCare’s gentle system keeps your carpet in better shape without shrinking, seam separation, color bleeding, mildew, or delamination.
  • Removes airborne contaminants: Our carpet care services remove up to 99% of air pollutants, giving your office better air quality.
  • Saves water: Our system uses up to 99.5% less water than our competitors.

The Traditional Approach vs Millicare by Cubix, Inc.

The traditional approach includes large hoses, water systems that soak and pull the grime through the fibers of your commercial carpet. This process can not guarantee the removal of all the trapped moisture which can lead to mold and mildew growth over time. Your commercial space then requires dry-time that can create difficulties during operating hours.

Dry carpet care by milliCare uses the latest technology in an innovative way to keep on top of your carpet cleanliness. Using a dry polymer, milliCare gets your carpet cleaner without putting the additional stress and with less dry time, you will get back to work quicker.

What Our Orlando FL Commercial Carpeting Cleaning Services Include

Here at Cubix Inc, we offer high quality commercial carpet cleaning services to restore your carpet to its clean and fresh state. Our Orlando FL professionals know how to battle and beat even the most difficult stains and use trusted equipment to carry out the jobs. We know that stained and dingy carpet is bad for your business, so we make it our job to get your carpet looking new and presentable again.

Thanks to powerful and professional equipment, we can bring our expertise to you. Unlike some carpet cleaners, our equipment won’t get your floor wet or cause further damage. Our equipment is built to adsorb contaminants and prevent it from wicking back into your carpets after being low moisture cleaned. Even when using a “steam cleaning” method, we’ll keep humidity from building up inside your premises.

Types of Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We provide different types of cleaning: restorative cleaning and interim maintenance cleaning.
Not sure what the difference is? We’ll tell you!

  1. Restorative Cleaning – the most intense form of carpet cleaning. It is a deep cleaning that uses pile lifting, vacuuming, pre-sprays, and application of a dry-Polymer or hot water to extract stains and built-up dirt. For the most damaged carpeting, restorative cleaning will need to be done twice before you can confidently rely on interim maintenance cleaning to keep your carpets looking nice.
  2. Maintenance Cleaning – much less costly and less invasive. It’s a low cost method of keeping your carpets in good shape before the stains and dirt become too much. Depending on your needs, you can have it done anywhere between four to six times per year! What’s more, our low-moisture machines are quiet enough to be used during office hours and are environmentally friendly.
  3. Encapsulation Cleaning – This method uses machines with either no moisture or very low moisture output. It is another type of interim cleaning, but can remove light stains, allergens, and other fine particles that may be hiding in your carpets.

Our Methods

We use the milliCare Dry Carpet Care method as the primary cleaning method for your carpets, which is the top low-moisture/dry method recommended by carpet manufacturers all over the world. Why? To put it simply: it’s the most effective.

Using milliCare Dry Carpet Care to extract dirt and stains doesn’t damage your carpets and really does reveal the best results. When used with professional cleaning solutions and our decades of expertise, cleaning your carpets with milliCare is one of the best methods for restoring damaged carpeting.

Hot water extraction is also available if specified or is the preferred process by a manufacturer.

Why Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service in Orlando FL?

Every business wants a clean, professional looking carpet in their premises and professional cleaning services can offer just that. Without disturbing your workers, professional carpet cleanings keep your carpet looking clean and new even when it’s years old.

Here are just a few of the reasons why finding a professional cleaning service is best for your business:

1. Improves Lifespan of Your Carpet
Replacing the carpeting in your commercial building is costly. Carpeting isn’t cheap and once you add the cost of installation, you really start to feel the pinch.

Getting your carpet regularly cleaned can significantly extend its lifespan. Over time, dirt, stains, and allergens make a home in your carpet which can quickly reduce the quality and lifespan. When you get your carpet professionally cleaned however, you remove this debris.

2. Removes Bacteria and Allergens
As we mentioned, dirt, allergens, and bacteria like to make their home in your carpeting. For workers that have allergies, this can be a major problem. Even for your workers or customers who don’t have allergies, being in a building where the carpeting has collected dirt and bacteria is unhealthy.

Professional carpet cleaning will remove the dirt and allergens hiding in your carpet. Thanks to powerful machinery and years of expertise, we can remove debris quickly and safely. This allows for a healthier work environment and happier customers.

3. Prevents Odors
Over time, trapped dirt particles and stains start to produce odors. Some odors are easy to hide, but eventually, even that small coffee stain will start to stink. Bacteria and germs can also linger in these odors, so it’s important they get removed before it gets so bad you have to replace your carpeting entirely.

With professional cleaning equipment, intense odors can be removed in just a day and your carpeting won’t be damaged. Unlike machines made for personal or home use, professional equipment removes all debris and bacteria behind the odors and does so in the most efficient manner.

4. Expert Knowledge
No matter how often you’ve cleaned your home carpets, cleaning an entire office or commercial premise is much different. With a professional cleaning company, you get access to professional knowledge and advice on how to take care of your carpet.

Professionals can tell you exact information related to the state of your carpet. With this knowledge, we can help to develop a custom cleaning schedule and process that will be very effective for your carpeting.

5. Saves Time and Money
For your business, money and time are equally precious. A professional cleaning service can help you save both. Although it may not seem like paying for regular carpet cleaning is a way to save money, it’s much cheaper than replacing your carpet every few years or paying for intense restoration on your old and deteriorating carpet.

Professional cleaners know how to get in and out without bothering your employees. You can schedule them to come in at whatever time works best for you.

Why Choose Us

We understand that it’s important for you and your business to find the best carpet cleaning service in the area.

Our professional cleaners are certified and up to date on all industry standards. With our unparalleled focus on great service, you’ll be hard pressed to find a cleaning company that puts as much dedication into their work as our experts. Rather than working for our gain, we work to put your needs above our own and provide outstanding results.

We work closely with your business to develop a customized cleaning plan and schedule. Unique to your carpets, our cleaning plans are affordable and efficient at getting the job done.


We understand that you may have some questions about professional carpet cleaning, so here are a few of the most commonly asked questions.

This depends on the size of the area you want cleaned. Smaller areas will take much less time than large rooms. It will also depend on whether you are looking for a deep cleaning or a maintenance cleaning. Our expert cleaners will provide you with an accurate time once they have analyzed the size of your office.
For some carpet types, you may notice a very faint odor for an hour or two after the cleaning. Wool carpets tend to smell for a bit longer, but most carpeting will dissipate within the hour. Opening a window and reducing humidity will help encourage the odor to dissipate quicker.
With our professional equipment, we can remove every type of stain you can imagine. Whether it’s a coffee stain, a nail polish stain, or even a bleach stain, we can get it out. We’ve removed urine, wine, wax, dye, paint, and ink stains from carpeting before and left no trace behind.

Since milliCare is a low-moisture/dry method of cleaning, it is safe to walk across and replace furniture immediately after an area has been cleaned. Hot water extraction could take from 4-24 hours before foot traffic or furniture replacement takes place in the area cleaned.

No. Thanks to our quiet machines, we can conduct a carpet cleaning during work hours with minimal disturbance. However, if you prefer the cleaning to be done outside of regular office hours, we can also schedule a time for that.
Make sure to remove anything that could fall and break from desks, bookshelves, and the top of other furniture. While we try to be careful, it is always possible that something falls during the process. It’s also helpful to vacuum any areas that are particularly dirty, but this is not necessary.