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Gary Mcwhirter

“It’s hard to believe that we didn’t install new tile. It is really a dramatic difference.”

Gary Mcwhirter
Director Of Plant Operations
St. Cloud Regional Medical Center, Central Florida

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Bring back the beauty and safety of your stone floors in Orlando

Training. Experience. Professionalism.

Our Orlando flooring experts will preserve the durability, reflectivity, and overall quality of your commercial stone flooring.

Commercial Stone Floor Restoration involves of restoring worn or damaged specialty stone types including marble, travertine, granite, slate, limestone, stone, and ceramic tile to a like-new condition. Keeping your specialty stone floors clean, dry, and properly maintained is an essential part of creating a safe and healthy environment.

Stone Flooring Restoration

The first impression of your commercial space begins when your specialty stone floors are clean, dry, and properly maintained. Dull, stained, or damaged stone flooring reflects poorly on your business. However, over time, your natural stone surfaces can become dull, scratched, stained, and damaged from foot traffic.
Cubix, Inc. Orlando stone flooring restoration experts understand every commercial space is unique. We will create a plan to provide the best possible restoration. In the restoration process, your stone flooring will be evaluated to the needs of your specific installation from stain removal, honing, grouting, grinding, sanding, resurfacing, polishing, and sealing.

Commercial Stone Flooring Restoration Process.

  • Stain removal is a process to address the most common stain types, chemical, organic and biological. Chemical stains create etch marks caused by acidic chemicals like vinegar, bleach, and general commercial cleaning supplies. Organic stains are typical with products such as coffee, food, tobacco, and cosmetics. Biological stains are a result of mold, mildew, fungus, or algae.
  • Honing is the process to remove superficial flaws including scratches from everyday foot traffic.
  • Grouting will fill holes and our team will make crack repairs when necessary.
  • Grinding your stone flooring will remove deep scratches, lippage, and other imperfections.
  • The sanding process is used in the circumstance there are extremely deep scratches that need specialized focus and care.
  • Resurfacing begins after imperfections are resolved and will remove the dull outside layer of the stone flooring to reveal the initial installation’s beautiful look.
  • Polishing your stone flooring will achieve a finish that ranges from satin, matte, semi-gloss, or high gloss finish.
  • Sealing is the final step in the process to protect your flooring from water and oil-based stains preventing future staining and discolorations.

The Permanence and natural beauty of stone flooring truly enhances a commercial space. With the right care and regular maintenance, your stone can last a lifetime. Cleaning your stone flooring will remove embedded dirt, wax, and other build-ups. We assist you in assessing the patterns of wear in your Orlando commercial space to create a custom program for the periodic cleaning, polishing, and sealing of your stone flooring.
Our focus is to preserve your investment and meet your budget requirements. We will periodically evaluate the program with you to ensure that your unique needs are being met. Regular maintenance service is critical in your commercial space as stone requires regular maintenance to preserve its integrity and finish.
Let our team of care consultants help you determine the right plan for your commercial stone flooring restoration and maintenance.

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