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Gary Mcwhirter

“It’s hard to believe that we didn’t install new tile. It is really a dramatic difference.”

Gary Mcwhirter
Director Of Plant Operations
St. Cloud Regional Medical Center, Central Florida

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The SaniGLAZE® tile and grout restoration process is a proven, economical solution to your tile and grout cleaning problems. While many companies perform a simple grout sealing or staining that leaves contaminants, dirt, and odors underneath the grout, the SaniGLAZE® grout restoration process extracts all contaminants and shields tile and grout against the penetration of future contamination.


  1. First, we perform a thorough tile and grout cleaning to extract embedded contaminants.
  2. Next, we bond a proprietary polymer coating to your grout. Our bonding process is far superior to traditional grout sealing because it transforms your grout into a like-new non-porous surface.
  3. To complete the restoration process, SaniGLAZE installs a protective coating that makes keeping your like-new tile and grout sparkling clean easier.

Eliminates the headaches associated with trying to clean and maintain stained and unsanitary tile & grout surfaces.

The Saniglaze method by Cubix, Inc is a restorative bonding process that offers a permanent solution to cleaning or replacing tile and grout. A multi-step process that restores tile and grout surfaces to like-new condition. Eliminating porosity will keep your tile and grout safe, sanity, and pristine.

Commercial tile floors’ largest issue is the appearance of the porous surfaces over time. Heavy foot traffic, dirt, and grime can embed themselves within the porous material that can be almost impossible to clean with standard janitorial methods. It seems the only way to get the tile and grout to look new involves a complete remodel of the commercial flooring space which comes at an incredible cost. Remove project scheduling challenges and save your budget with our restoration process.

Cubix, Inc relies on the proven SaniGLAZE process that goes beyond standard cleaning, sealing out mold, dirt, and future grime for the life of the grout and tile for an almost new appearance. Facility managers, architects, designers, and contractors can benefit from the versatility within the SaniGLAZE restorative process.

SaniGLAZE offers the most options and flexibility for your surface preparation and is the foundation of the restorative bonding process. A combination of mechanical and chemical steps in the proprietary process removes surface soils, embedded contaminants, and any existing seals or finishers.

Your Tile and Grout Stays Clean – guaranteed with the EverGLAZE Extended Protection.

An armor-like polymer is applied to the grout permanently bonding with the clean grout eliminating the possibility of contamination. The proven proprietary polymer has been rigorously tested to permanently bond with your commercial tile and ground. Dirt can not permeate the surface and with our protective coating, the commercial flooring has better-than-new surface integrity.

Transform and Restore Your Tile and Hard Surfaces. Get amazing results quickly and for a lower value cost than replacement.

Immediate Results and a Service That Lasts… Our Promise to You

Entrust your tile and grout to the professional care of Cubix, Inc your local SaniGLAZE service provider, and enjoy years of beauty to your commercial tile and grout.

The SaniGLAZE process is currently only performed in the Greater Orlando and Central Florida Area. Contact us for more information on tile and grout restoration outside of Central Florida.

Are you facing common tile and grout issues in your commercial facility? Grout that won’t come clean? Foul odors in your restrooms? SaniGLAZE can help. Don’t let the efforts from your current custodial schedule go to waste!

Discover the Benefits of Restoration

ELIMINATE FOUL ODORS. Our process gets rid of the causes of odors, eliminates lingering smells, and prevents future odors.

CREATE A NEW LOOK. Turn back the clock on the look of your tile or choose from an array of colors for a brand new look and feel.

CLEANER FACILITIES. Achieve cleaner facilities every day from the janitorial efforts you’re already performing.

Ready to learn more about how SaniGLAZE can help transform your facility? Schedule your complimentary, no-obligation consultation today!

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13-C System
In an overnight 3-step restoration process, the SaniGLAZE process turns ugly, contaminated tile and grout into a beautiful surface that can be easily maintained using our environmentally-friendly EverGLAZE program.

Using an effective extraction process that was developed by SaniGLAZE International through rigorous testing, we remove all odors and stains from the tile and grout. Now that it’s clean, the secret is in keeping it that way.

SaniGLAZE’s specially formulated Glazing Compound is bonded to existing grout. This restorative bonding process makes grout look like new, keeps the color consistent and protects it from moisture, making it non-porous so dirt stays on the surface.

The proprietary SaniGLAZE Super Shield is applied over the entire surface. This clear, durable protective coating restores the color and luster to your tile and provides an additional layer of protection to your grout. Your tile and grout looks new.