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Gary Mcwhirter

“It’s hard to believe that we didn’t install new tile. It is really a dramatic difference.”

Gary Mcwhirter
Director Of Plant Operations
St. Cloud Regional Medical Center, Central Florida

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All About Terrazzo Flooring

Terrazzo is a popular flooring material for commercial buildings in Orlando. Made to last for decades and endlessly customizable, It’s typically poured in place right onto a concrete slab or even over existing flooring. Terrazzo flooring is popular with businesses because it lasts a lifetime with proper maintenance. Terrazzo floor restoration by the experts at Cubix, Inc. can bring even decades-old flooring back to life.

What is Terrazzo Made Of?

Chips of marble, glass, granite, and shells that are mixed in either epoxy resin or cement binder material to make up terrazzo. Poured-in-place epoxy terrazzo, which is easy to match with a commercial building’s colors, is very popular with Orlando businesses. Terrazzo offers a durable, anti-slip, antimicrobial surface.

Alternatively, some businesses choose precast terrazzo, which is made in a factory and then shipped to the installation site. Some of the uses for precast terrazzo include staircases, curved surfaces, and sinks. Terrazzo is also available in a tile form for applications where poured-in-place flooring would not be ideal.

Taking Care of Orlando Terrazzo

Terrazzo maintenance includes regular cleaning with appropriate materials and the application of specialty sealers from time to time. The sealers protect the aggregates within the binder and also enhance the shine of your terrazzo flooring. If you take good care of your terrazzo it can last for a lifetime and beyond!

Everyday maintenance of terrazzo floors involves simply sweeping up debris and dust from the surface. Don’t’ allow dust to accumulate because it becomes abrasive and can wear off the terrazzo over time. After sweeping, mop your Terrazzo flooring with a neutral cleaner, leave it on for a few minutes, and then rinse off the cleaning liquid with water to prevent a build-up of residue. Acid or bleach-based liquids can harm the sealing of your terrazzo flooring, so if these liquids are spilled on your terrazzo, make sure to dry them off quickly.

Restoring and Sealing Terrazzo Floors

If your commercial building’s terrazzo becomes dull and dirty, either from age, dirt, or built-up cleaning products, it’s time for some more serious terrazzo maintenance. The process involves grinding, polishing, and sealing with at least two coats of a commercial-grade water-based sealer.

Chemical damage is another reason might also lead to a restoration project for your building’s terrazzo floors. Damaged surfaces can be made good as new with a deep cleaning, sanding, and re-application of sealant.

To avoid slippery and discolored terrazzo floors, don’t use oil-based sweeping compounds, surface waxes, all-purpose sealers, cleaners containing inorganic or crystallizing salts, alkali, or acids.

Terrazzo Companies to Avoid

Avoid bargain-basement Orlando terrazzo restoration companies. Some of these operators will try to fix damaged terrazzo by painting over it or applying mismatched resins to fill in holes. They might also try to recrystallize floors with off-label products or use cheap polishing powders. Avoid these amateur techniques at all costs! A proper terrazzo restoration will involve mechanical diamond polishing to grind down the floor evenly and a high-grade sealant to protect the floors while enhancing their clarity and reflection.

Color Matching for Orlando Terrazzo

Orlando Vintage terrazzo flooring is made up of a multitude of different types and sizes of stones. Color matching, both for the epoxy binder and for the marble chips, is key, and it takes time to do it right. At Cubix, Inc., our terrazzo floor restoration specialists will put in the time to restore the appearance and function of your flooring. Reach out to Cubix, Inc. for a free estimate and learn how we can transform your workplace!

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