My name is Pete Alfieris, I am the facilities manager at the College of Engineering and Computer Science, here at UCF. We recently had two office suites recarpeted by your company and I had the pleasure to work with both Devon and Scott. I wanted to express my appreciation for the excellent service and work that was done in our office suite.

They showed up on time and worked until the job was completed with such professionalism. The installers were unbelievable with the care with any of the furniture and both installs. I have received such great praise from staff and faculty members whose offices were done.

Truly an incredible experience! Thank you again Scott & Devon!

Pete Alfieris Facilities Manager College of Engineering & Computer Science University of Central Florida - UCFPete Alfieris
Facilities Manager
University of Central Florida


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Gary Mcwhirter

“It’s hard to believe that we didn’t install new tile. It is really a dramatic difference.”

Gary Mcwhirter
Director Of Plant Operations
St. Cloud Regional Medical Center, Central Florida

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Ongoing Best Practices for Facilities Managers

Industrial Coatings

Sometime our clients find that their building’s flooring requires a completely new finish. Perhaps a warehouse area is being repurposed, or flooring has become too worn and damaged to be repaired. These are just a couple of situations that call for our seamless flooring resurfacing solutions. 

Cubix, Inc. can apply industrial coatings to your flooring for a variety of applications: unique retail designs, durable warehouse floors, automotive showrooms and even aviation and aerospace applications. These coatings will not only protect the substrate, but they can bring an entirely new, stylish look to your office space.

Cubix, Inc Industrial Coatings are specialty polymer modified cement formulation and paint type products. The products we use can create a custom seamless flooring system with upscale, modern designs that overlay concrete floors. Industrial Coatings are a sustainable choice, because our systems are produced from castor oil-based products and eco-friendly additives, while the drums and other packaging from our raw materials are recycled.

The following are some of our most popular options for seamless floor resurfacing:

  1. The Neat Flooring System is a clear or pigmented resinous flooring system engineered for industrial applications. If your building has medium to high traffic, including from forklifts and rubber wheel carts, you will appreciate the durable finish. This flooring surface is easy to clean and resists wear abrasion, petrochemicals and contaminants. It’s available in a satin or gloss finish, in 20 standard colors.
  2. For an aesthetically unique design, many of our clients choose the Reflector Enhancer Flooring System. It’s a fluid- applied coating that can be custom-designed with a variety of patterns, and it’s available in a high-shine finish that is sure to wow your guests. This product combines high style with excellent durability and ease of maintenance.
  3. Flake Flooring systems are a classic choice, offering a chemical-resistant, durable surface that can have slight texture and color to coordinate with your building’s design theme. Multi-colored vinyl flakes are embedded and fused in the floor, increasing slip resistance and providing a hygienic seamless finish.
  4. Urethane Cement Flooring is extremely durable, engineered to withstand daily steam cleaning, and highly resistant to bacterial growth. These features, plus the fact that it’s FDA, USDA and CIFA approved, makes it a popular choice for food and beverage service and manufacturing operations.

  5. Airports, aircraft hangars and aerospace facilities, including U.S. military and NASA require specialized flooring that can resist petrochemicals and perform at the highest level. Our Aircraft Flooring System is a resinous coating that is easy to maintain, highly protective of the substrate, and anti-microbial. The light reflective finish is hard and abrasion resistant.

Cubix, Inc. Industrial Coatings can be used for:

  • Automotive. Flooring option for showrooms and service departments.
  • Aviation & Aerospace. Surfaces stand up to Skydrol fluids, petrochemicals, heat, and abrasion
  • Education. Cost-effective flooring options for large spaces.
  • Healthcare & Medical. Anti-microbial, chemical resistant, and easy to maintain flooring systems.
  • Hospitality and Entertainment. Aesthetic high-performance flooring that meets any coefficient of friction requirements.
  • Warehouse. Extremely durable industrial/manufacturing flooring surfaces for concrete protection.

Cubix, Inc. offers a variety of industrial coating solutions for customers requiring a seamless, high quality flooring system. Our professional team of installers will completely transform the look and function of your flooring, giving you a durable and highly functional surface that will last for many years. Schools, government facilities, airports and offices alike can benefit from these customizable options. Reach out to us for help in choosing the flooring solution that is best for your business.

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